We Carry The Load

Load Commander, LLC is a third party logistics provider based in Mount Vernon, TX. Our job is to make your job easier when it comes to managing full truckload freight. With access to pre-qualified carriers nationwide, we can get the best carriers for a great rate.

Our People

We have a dedicated, professional, and well-trained staff that provides customer service 24/7. They understand how important it is to communicate effectively on each and every load and they treat our customer’s freight as their own.

Our Technology

Technology is a huge part of our success here at Load Commander. Our network of communications and quoting tools provide increased efficiency which optimizes both service and price for our customers

Our Mission

The mission of Load Commander is simple, to provide a quality freight brokerage service that offers our customers a competitive advantage. We effectively communicate to our customers and carriers on each and every load. We continuously identify small to medium sized quality carriers that fill the needs of our customers. We negotiate best possible rates with these carriers and pass along the savings.

There is a difference at Load Commander, LLC – and we’re eager to show you. For more information about our services, schedule a shipment, or to check on available loads, give us a call today at (903) 588-2940 and an experienced Load Commander, LLC representative will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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